About Me

Hi! Welcome to my sports medicine blog! I’m Mavis and I am currently a junior. I am taking the sports medicine class at Notre Dame Belmont because I would like to pursue a career involving sports medicine in the future. I am also interested to learn more about this topic because I recently tore my ACL and meniscus. After many physical therapy and chiropractic sessions, I would like to learn more about the healing process and potentially help others as well.

While taking this sports medicine course, I hope to discover more about the human body, how everything is connected and ultimately  use this class not only to improve my own health but other’s as well. The most challenging part of this course may be the blended aspect of it because time management is something I still need to work on.

When I am not at school, I like to play volleyball and eat mangoes!

volleyball         mangoes

Learn more about me!

With that being said, I hope you enjoy my blog!


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey there Mavis! I love your blog and I have learned so much more about you. I also want to learn more about the human body and I would like to pursue a career in medicine as well. I’m so sorry that you tore your ACL and meniscus, I hope you recover quickly! I think its really cool that you made a prezi to go along with your “About Me” page. Thats so crazy that you own 5 onesies!
    – Juliana


  2. Hey Mavis! I’m sorry about your torn ACL, but I’m glad to led you onto the path of wanting to pursue a career in sports medicine. I loved your prezi, I also think onesies are really cool. 🙂


  3. Hi Mavis! I really enjoyed reading your blog! I think you have a really interesting story about your ACL. I also really enjoyed viewing your prezi! I made one too! 🙂 I really liked the road background it was very creative!


  4. Dear Mavis,

    I think you will get a lot out of this class because of your interests and hopefully you will learn a little more about the injury you sustained. Did you know that ACL tears are common among female athletes? It doesn’t make it any easier… I’m glad you have healed! Will you be playing volleyball here at NDB? Your Prezi was a great way to learn more about you (and you love of onesies!).

    Looking forward to your future posts!
    Mrs. Kahn


  5. Dimitri

    Mavis, I am sure you will enjoy learning about how the body functions, and what makes us “tick.” After I blew out my shoulder for the third time, and right before the 3rd surgery, I started paying attention to how the body heals. Its actually an amazing process to learn about. Have fune


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