Case Study- A Healthy Retirement?

After given two events and daily routines of Jim, a retired 68 year old, and Nancy, a retired 62 year old, I am lead to believe that both Nancy and Jim are in danger of  heart disease, diabetes, heart attack, lung disease, and stroke. In the past, Jim has suffered from a massive heart attack, but is now taking medication to control his blood pressure. In addition, Jim is also overweight and smokes. As a result, Nancy is exposed to second hand smoking which can lead to lung cancer for both of them. Although Nancy swims a few laps and lifts weights every week, she continues to be overweight.

photo from Wikipedia
photo from Wikipedia

Both Jim and Nancy have unhealthy lifestyles. First, Jim is overweight, smokes, has high blood pressure, and has had a previous heart attack. Nancy, on the other hand,  is overweight, easily tired, has a history of osteoporosis, has high glucose levels, and often has burning sensations in the chest. To reach a healthier lifestyle, Jim and Nancy agree to power walk while on the cruise, but Nancy’s low stamina revealed that she has symptoms of coronary heart disease, which for now may decrease with rest.

Although I have assessed Jim and Nancy’s health above, information that might be helpful to know would include their daily diet, which may solve their overweight and diabetes problems, and their capabilities of exercising, so I could provide them with some activities. On the cruise, Nancy was told that she could have angina. Symptoms of angina that contrast from classic angina include back pain, fatigue, nausea, and shortness of breath. These symptoms are caused by eating unhealthily. Before reading this article, I had no knowledge of the different symptoms for coronary heart disease of a heart attack. To find out if individuals of another sex from ethnic backgrounds have similar symptoms, medical researches often view the history of the race and family to find recurrences.


One thought on “Case Study- A Healthy Retirement?

  1. Dear Mavis,

    You present a very clear picture of this case study and the background information (make sure to always hyperlink resources used). You clearly stated the data you collected, but it might be helpful to your reader to present it in a data table. Make sure to include original media, especially when the assignment requires it. Will any of the information you learned impact how you approach your heart disease PSA? Looking forward to future posts!

    Mrs. Kahn


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