The Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet is defined as “a diet based on the types of foods presumed to have been eaten by early humans, consisting chiefly of meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit, and excluding dairy or grain products and processed food.” The Paleo Diet allows one to consume as much food as needed, as long as he/ she follows the guidelines of only consuming what was available for cave men. The consumption of grains, pasta, rice, bagels, bread, etc., should be avoided at all costs, in addition to sugars, for example candy. Today, there are a variety of Paleo recipes available, but at the end, it is the dieter’s responsibility to consume necessary amounts of protein during this diet as there is not one set meal plan.

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With the restrictions of this diet being so vague, it is easy to meet the nutritional adequacy on Choose My Plate recommends one cup of fruit or fruit juice. Pertaining to the guidelines of the Paleo Diet, fruit juice should be emitted from one’s diet, so the daily fruit requirements can be met with one apple, one banana, one FullSizeRender (17).jpgorange, etc. Depending on one’s age and gender, Choose my Plate also recommends at least two and a half cups of vegetables a day. With the Paleo Diet consisting of mainly natural foods, this suggestion could be easily met with broccoli, spinach, carrots, etc. In terms of protein, Choose My Plate recommends one to eat at least five and a half ounces of protein. This could easily be met through beef, salmon, eggs, and nuts- which will also serve as ones daily oil requirements. Choose My Plate recommends one to consume at least three ounces of grain a day with at least half being whole grains. In addition, the website also recommends one cup of dairy a day. The Paleo Diet strictly prohibits grains and dairy, so the nutritional recommendation for both of these food groups will not be met. Visit the website here!

Personally, I wouldn’t have a problem going on the Paleo diet because the guidelines allow me to consume a variety of foods. I could eat salmon and eggs to ensure I am FullSizeRender (16).jpgconsuming enough protein. Usually, when I am hungry, I would eat a granola bar, but to substitute grains, I could eat some fruit such as grapes, an orange, or a banana. With the Paleo diet not having restrictions on how much food I can consume, hunger should not be a problem. What may become a problem is dairy. While dairy is not strictly prohibited when one is on the Paleo diet, it is not recommended. In my case, I usually eat yogurt for breakfast, so as a substitute, I could eat scrambled eggs or a fruit salad. Overall, I would be satisfied on the Paleo diet because the guidelines consists of foods I usually eat.

Although the Paleo diet could become expensive if one becomes very invested in the type and quality of the food being consumed, overall the concept is one of the more affordable diets in the market. Today, it is constantly recommended to eat organic fruits and vegetables, as well as free ranged chicken and grass fed beef. While this is the healthier option, these foods can also get very expensive when purchased at stores such as Trader Joes. To solve this problem, people could save a few dollars by visiting local farmers markets. As recommended by Steve, also known as Nerd Fitness, “Even if you’re spending a little more money than before, when you factor in your overall health, spending a few extra bucks on healthier food now is a wiser investment than thousands later on costly medical expenses.” In terms of time commitment to this diet, it is no different than any other food preparation for any meal. People will be expected to wash fruits and vegetablesFullSizeRender (15) and cook meals. The time consuming aspect when on this diet could entail researching recipes, but during that process, one will only discover the the variety the Paleo diet has to offer. Browse through some recipes here!

While the Paleo Diet does not have “special foods” that will allow one to lose weight dramatically, the “hook” of this diet is that all foods are not processed and are “natural.” Inspired by the diet of cave men who were believed to be more athletic and physically fit, the Paleo diet encourages people to emit grains and processed foods because according to Nerd Fitness, our bodies never adjusted to the high amounts of grain we consume today, and frankly, our bodies are not biologically built to consume so much grains.

The Paleo diet does not promise any specific results, but it is possible to experience little to no results when embarking the diet. While starting a diet, the goal is usually to lose weight. Reasons that one may see little progress may include:

  • consumption of too many nuts- high in oil
  • consuming too much fruit- high in sugar
  • not fully committing to the diet
  • read more here!

With the Paleo Diet not being physically demanding on the body’s need for a source of energy, it is recommended to exercise when on the diet. Depending on one’s goal during the diet, he/ she can adjust how and how often they exercise. Read Isaac Glendening’s results after going on the Paleo diet and exercising.

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