Exercise Improves Brain Function

Did you know exercise can improve brain function and potentially be the “smart pill” that will make people more focused and productive? Writer, Wendy A. Suzuki, definitely did. In her article “A neuroscientist says there’s a powerful benefit to exercise that is rarely discussed”  Suzuki explains the data that connects exercise to an increased level of focus. Suzuki connects this increased level of focus to our blood flow, as an increased blood flow will increase brain function. In addition to blood flow, Suzuki connects exercise to one’s hippocampus: the area of the brain responsible for long term memory. IMG_0071

Personally, I was not surprised by this revelation as my P.E. teacher in elementary school had mentioned how exercising before doing homework helps one increase focus. Although I was aware of the concept, I did not know there was so much science connected to the theory. I thought it was interesting how only 30 minutes of exercise could improve one’s mood because exercise seems like such a disconnect in comparison to one’s mood. Not only does exercising help me increase focus, but it makes me feel better and more accomplished  as well.

With that being said, schools ranging from all age groups, should encourage more exercise. Often high school students are stressed out with minimal time to exercise. With proven data that exercise increases focus, teachers should implement exercise before every class. Read more about how to include more exercise into one’s daily routine!

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